4K HDR demo video on HISENSE H65M5500 UHDTV

A few months ago I bought a 65-inch TV for about 850 Euros shipping included: the Hisense H65M5500 UHDTV.

Despite the presence of clouding which is fortunately visible only during the channel change, this TV has an impressive contrast for the price paid with the deepest blacks, in addition to a very loud sound.
A noteworthy feature (because not obvious in modern TVs) is the ability to turn off both the WIFI and the WIFI DIRECT (called "anyview") from the TV menu. This is very important for those who wish to use the ethernet cable only, and that do not want to have unnecessary electromagnetic waves at home.

The next video shows a gallery of 4K HDR demo videos on my Hisense H65M5500 filmed by the camera of my phone (Asus Zenfone 2). Net of the low quality of the phone's camera one can glimpse the great value of the image.