How to Get a Free Unlimited Personal Cloud Storage with Telegram.

How to get easily a free unlimited personal cloud storage? Just follow these three simple steps. It takes less than 1 minute! If you still do not know it, Telegram is a free chat application similar to WhatsApp but more powerful, because, among other things, it is cloud-based! Therefore:

1- Go to and install Telegram wherever you want: PCs with Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android devices, Iphone/Ipad or use the Telegram-web version without installing anything!

2- In just seconds register an account with your mobile phone number as you do with WhatsApp.

3- Tap on the cloud-shaped icon in the settings of Telegram app or go to "Contacts" and open a chat with yourself, and now you can send there any kind of file (of up to 1,5 GB each) and as many as you want. Then you can download them from another device or send to your friends.

It's very easy, convenient and powerful! Just chat with yourself!


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